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Ari, 11 months

This is copied and pasted from our blog because well, I'm tired and lazy. :-p The pics are from around 10 months old, I haven't uploaded any new ones recently...

Cut for length.

Ari started crawling in this last month. He started pulling himself up to stand about a week and a half ago and has already figured out how to sit himself back down gently and cruise the furniture a little. He is definitely into everything now and we are still not finished baby proofing... which just means I keep a very close eye on him. Heh, like I can do anything else. His separation anxiety has actually gotten better the last couple weeks but he still often screams when I leave the room. Now that he is mobile he wants nothing to do with things like car seats and diaper changes either - he is way too busy for such things!

He is loving his solid foods. Some of his favorites are: blueberries, sweet potatoes (still), cheerios, graham crackers, bread, bananas, yogurt, peas. He absolutely does not like eggs thus far, nor plain pasta. Not a big fan of cheese yet either, although he will eat a little bit. He will eat rice, green beans, chicken, carrots etc - pretty much any veggie or fruit we give him. He also likes oatmeal now, which he didn't used to. Some surprising things he has decided are tasty: artichoke and steak. Go figure. He will let us feed him but more and more prefers to feed himself finger foods. We have not worked on a sippy cup with him but he LOVES drinking water with a straw. And of course he still loves to nurse.

He mostly says "bah bah blah blah" but lately I have actually heard a couple (unintentional I'm sure) "ma ma"s in his babble. He has five teeth and has been miserable for the past week and a half with the sixth and seventh ones coming in.

I can't believe he will be a year old in only a month! He has gotten cuter and cuter, and more fun as well, these past few months. He is starting to look like a toddler to me know instead of a baby.

A few more things about Ari before I post pics:
- he loves to zerbert/raspberry mom - any bare skin will do but belly is preferable. ;)
- he is starting to wave.
- he dances like a little white boy to music.
- he gets SO excited when dad comes home.
- I'm pretty sure he knows what quite a few words mean, including milk, water, all done?, daddy, nana, papa, more, etc.


He's so adorable!!! And he's gotten so big! :-D
Thanks! :-) Yeah, he has gotten big. I guess I should have mentioned his stats. He is somewhere around 22lbs, so he has quadrupled his birth weight, and around 28.5-29". :) How is Raven doing? When are you guys moving?
She's doing super well - cruising and crawling and thisclose to walking by herself :-D She LOVES to dance.
Jake will be moving probably in the first week of July. Raven and I will probably be heading over around early August.
So precious!!!

And I know what you mean about too busy for diaper changes!
Thank you! :-) Yeah, most diaper changes interrupt play time, and he wants none of it. :-p