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I'm preposting the 10 month update. Evan turns 10 months old on Saturday.

It has been an amazing month. Crawling, pulling up and his first 2 teeth! He is a speed demon crawling now. He can stand on his own for about 2 seconds. When he realizes that he isn't holding on to something he slowly lowers himself to the floor. He loves using the walker toy the Porter's gave him for Christmas. He can walk clear across the room using is. I think that really the only thing keeping him from walking right now is the desire to do it or maybe the realization that he can. The balance and strength seem to be there.

I think there are the beginnings of words. Twice I thought he called me Mama. But then he is also saying Mama to some of his books. Most notably to the Star Wars book with Yoda on the cover. This made J laugh his ass off. I also swear I've heard him say book but I don't think it is intentional.

Speaking of books he loves them. I think we could put all of his other toys away and he wouldn't even notice as long as he still had books. Right now his favorite is What Will I Be? It is a lift the flap book and the poor caterpillar is not long for this world.

Lately he is giving his stuffed animals hugs and kisses and then discarding them. He has the most fun playing with his Rebel blanket. He will kiss it. Chew on it. Hug it. Smoosh it in his face and fall face first into the ground clutching it. And of course he plays peekaboo using it.

He plays "So Big!" and loves that by raising his arms he can get Mommy and Daddy to say So Big and clap for him. He is also starting to raise his arms to say all done. This may get confusing.

Our breastfeeding relationship continues to thrive. (Unfortunately) there has been some comfort feedings in the middle of the night where there didn't used to be. Mommy needs more sleep.

He loves to explore. If we leave the doors to the den open he will usually use that as an invitation to explore the rest of the house. Yesterday that meant looking at Mommy and Daddy's wedding album with Mommy, getting underfoot as Daddy cooked dinner and having little pieces of something taken away from him when he picked it up with his little pincer grip and tried to eat it.

We had our second incident report at daycare yesterday. He closed the cabinet door of the play kitchen on his fingers and then stood there crying and not knowing what to do about it. The teacher came over and washed his hand and put ice on it and he was all better very quickly.

I really can't believe how fast it is all going!
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