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Kyara in forsythia

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Baby’s name and age:
Evan Charles ONE YEAR

How is your baby doing? (milestones, routine, dr's visits, accomplishments): Wonderfully. He has been walking for a month now and is on the verge of figuring out running. He is trying to say words. He has figured out that if he hands me a book and either sits in front of me or in my lap that I will read him the book. Everyday he seems to figure something else out. We are in the process of night weaning him. Last night he woke at around 4am and put him back to sleep. Let me tell you this is huge! We will be switching to cows milk at daycare but I will still be nursing him before and after daycare. After one really bad spill off the couch when he moved too fast for me to stop him, he now consistently will climb down things feet first (and I don't let go of him on the couch anymore). He loves food and has a great appetite but he is starting to turn his nose up at vegetables. He likes to dance. He gives high 5s to his Daddy. I could go on and on (ok, I know I just did).

How are you doing?:
Exhausted because the night weaning process has been hell. I'm also very nervous about stopping pumping. Oh, and my MIL and FIL are visiting for the next few days and we are having a big birthday party for Evan on Saturday. But other than that I'm great.

Brag a little bit!: Didn't I do that up above? OK, instead I will tell you how much we love that certain words will make Evan crack up. Ba-na-na, is comedy gold as far as my son is concerned. In general he is such a happy baby and the darling of the daycare.


So cute! glad everything is going well! hope night weaning continues to go well!!