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Silly question:
Are you toddlers currently hungry things?

Evan seems to spend most of the day going into the kitchen pointing at the cabinet where we keep his snacks or pointing at the fridge and signing "more" or "eat." This is often accompanied with mild tantrums. He mostly eats the same at meals though. Sometimes he eats a lot. Sometimes not much at all. I'm wondering if this demanding snacks thing is a control issue actually. So just wondering if it is just him or is this a phase 16-17 month olds go through.


oh my god. I do not know how I'm going to feed my child when he is a teenager. I am having trouble now and he is only 17 months old. He is CONSTANTLY wanting to eat. String cheese, carrot slices, apple pieces, spaghetti, toast...IT DOESN'T END!! I feel like he is constantly after something. I see these posts about a child only eating a little bit and picky eaters and I feel like I'm raising a horse.
I feel like I'm raising a horse
A horse that eats spaghetti;)
Molly has days where she doesn't stop eating at all and days where she might eat a meal and a half's worth of food all day and even that I nearly have to wrestle her to the ground and force into her mouth. It's apparently random.

Sample days:


Breakfast: breastfeed followed by two scrambled eggs, two chunks of Gelbwurst (local white sausage), one banana, one yoghurt
Snacktime: one banana, one baby-fist sized serving of cheese, two cups of water
Lunch: large serving of pasta with spinach sauce, banana, some of Mama's cheese and ham sandwich (nomnomnom with chilli mayo and she loved it), tons of water, half a yoghurt
Snacktime: the remainder of the yoghurt, cherry tomatoes
Dinner: Steamed mixed veg, potato and some slices of Mama's chicken plus half my veg and some of my potato
Bedtime: Cup of milk

Breakfast: breastfeed followed by about a third of a serving of porridge with fruit, refused everything else
Snacktime: half a chunk of Gelbwurst, two bites of banana, about six cups of water
Lunchtime: half a serving of vegetable risotto, three bites of banana, again loads of water
Snacktime: Remainder of her banana sliced up into yoghurt
Dinner: Remainder of her risotto, half the chunky oven fries from Mama's plate
Bedtime: lots of cuddles, no food AT ALL, Mama!

Monday she has a baby soft play class, yesterday she was feeling the aftermath of her booster injections and woke up today with a drippy nose. They do their own thing, but they won't let themselves starve. I think they self-regulate pretty well too, remember they're using tons of energy because they never, ever stop moving or learning or discovering. I remember seeing a documentary where they tracked a child's movements for 24 hours and had a professional athlete copy them. He was begging for mercy about ten hours in because it's so labour-intensive being a small child.
Yay, another "extended" breastfeeder in the group. Sometimes people look at me like I've sprouted another head when they find out I still nurse my son.
We only have one in the morning now, she dropped the late-afternoon snacktime feed around 14 months and to be honest I was relieved because we were so often out and about and people would stare. I still fail to see why, it's not as though I unhooked my bra cups and started shimmying before I latched her on.
That is quite the visual you described there. We were only doing first thing in the morning and just before bed but lately he's been demanding at nap time on weekends.
It was spoken like a woman frustrated at people saying, I've nothing against breastfeeding, but women should be discreet, can't you cover up with a shawl? As though I trained the beastie to pop off and look around when people started calling her name.

Don't even get me started on, Isn't she a bit old for that?
Bruce is the same. I feel like he eats constantly!
Good to know I'm not alone.
Holy crap. My guy is nearly 18mos now and for the last month doesn't stop eating for anything. I think a growth spurt is on the horizon.
I keep worrying about the possibility of a growth spurt. He has some room lengthwise on his pants but I'm not so sure about his tops. I really don't want to move him into the next size yet!
Ralphie eats a lot. He has first breakfast, second breakfast, snack, lunch, after-nap snack, afternoon snack, dinner, etc.

I think they are moving around so much right now that they burn up a lot of calories. He has been given a healthy report by our pediatrician so I'm not worried about his eating.