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Jun. 4th, 2010



Chloe 9 months/Pregnant again..

Chloe is 9 months old now. We just had her doctors appointment yesterday.
She is 21 lbs and 30 inches, she is a big girl :] They told us she has to get some routine bloodwork for lead testing and a hemoglobin test which i don't understand how they are going to take blood from a baby who barely lets you put a diaper on her. I do know that i cannot hold her down, it will make me feel terrible.
She has 6 teeth, She is standing up while holding onto things, crawling all over the place, babbling like crazy, etc.
Just last night she stood up all by herself for like ten seconds before falling back down on her but! that was extremely exciting.

We have started to give her a whole bunch of table foods along with the baby finger foods that we buy already. She loves it! Any time she sees anyone with a cup or a plate or a bowl she crawls right over to them and whines until they give her a piece/sip of what they are having. xD

In other news, i am about twelve weeks pregnant and scared to death of having another baby while i already have a baby to worry about :[ if anyone else is currently in my situation or has been, i could seriously use some words of wisdom. Not to say that we aren't excited! it's just scary..

i have so much more but none are uploaded as of right now. :] so this will do!

Jun. 1st, 2010

Kyara in forsythia


(no subject)

I knew this day would come. My son no longer instantly falls asleep when in the car for more than 5 minutes. This would not be a big deal but our commute to work/daycare is 45 minutes in one direction. Added complication is the car toys he used to love he now pushes away from himself as soon as I give them to him.

What car toys work best for a 9 month old?

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May. 26th, 2010

Evan at 2 and a half weeks


(no subject)

Evan turns 9 months today. His well baby appointment is Friday but I had the motivation to post now so here I go. It has been a while though I am reading all of your posts about your wonderful babies.

Evan is now crawling. His favorite thing to crawl to is the basket of books in the den. This makes us proud. His second most favorite thing to crawl to is anything that we don't want him to crawl to. This includes the garbage can, the DVD racks, and the playstation 3 (which he loves turning on and off). He is also trying to stand at every opportunity and very often the destination of his crawling is somewhere to help pull himself up.

So he is so distracable while eating he will now actually arch his back and start to cry if I try to latch him while he wants to play. This happens even if he is hungry. What typically happens is I give up, let him play for 2 minutes then when I try to latch him he eats like he was starving for about a minute then lather rinse repeat.

Yesterday when he woke up I was still in the shower. J went and changed his diaper and then brought him to me just as I was leaving the bathroom. I was wearing my bathrobe but I hadn't tied it. I was holding Evan in standing position on the edge of the bed and telling J something. Evan didn't want to wait so he latched on standing there. Well, he knows what he wants.

Evan loves feeding himself. Apparently he is fine being spoon fed at daycare but at dinner time he is refusing purees. So we are giving him more and more of our dinners. It makes preparing dinner take a bit longer but it is worth it. Last night we didn't even try to give him purees and the table food was especially daring. First he had puffs. Then I gave him a spinach ravioli cut up really small. Then some left over pork cut to almost sawdust size. Then another ravioli. Finally some cantaloupe. He ate it all (except what ended up on the floor). It is so adorable to watch him eat. Things will get stuck to his hand and he won't realize it didn't make it into his mouth. He'll then reach for more and what was there will fall out.

We had one bad night for sleeping and we are back to starting to feed him at 7:30, putting him in his crib when he is done and him sleeping straight through until 5am or so.

He continues to babble. He does some mixing of syllables but not a lot. We think he is trying to sing sometimes, which is awesome. I can't tell if he is recognizing any words other than his name yet.

His favorite game is peekaboo.

We are now playing a rudimentry form of catch. We have these 2 soft vinyl balls. He'll be sitting there almost in lotus position and I will gently toss the ball at his tummy. Sometimes he catches it! Mostly it bounces off him but is often caught by his feet. He picks up the ball and throws it usually in my direction. He loves this and starts giggling and bouncing. It is sooooo cute.

I even have a picture though it is a month old. cuteness through the cut tagCollapse )

May. 17th, 2010



Baby’s name and age: Ari Preston, 10.5 months

How is your baby doing? (milestones, routine, dr's visits, accomplishments):
He's doing well in all areas except for sleep, which has only gotten worse... But he just started crawling, just started pulling himself up to standing, can manipulate his toys really well (i.e. stack and unstack the rings, the stacking cups, etc, play his xylophone (sp?), etc). He isn't talking perse but making lots of talking-like noise and definitely knows what lots of words and a few signs mean. He gives kisses which is so freaking adorable. He is still a booby boy but does love most solid food we have tried with him, with the exception of eggs and plain pasta (pasta with parmesan is yummy though :-p). Some days he can't get enough solids, other days he only really wants mama's milk, which is fine. He has very intense separation anxiety and is a complete mama's boy right now (this is part of the sleep problem for sure).

How are you doing?: Ok. The five months of sleep deprivation is taking its toll unfortunately. I am also getting testing done right now because I've had joint pain ever since his birth and it has gotten worse instead of better... so they're checking out my thyroid levels, checking for RA, etc. My doctor actually thinks it could be a disorder related to my hypermobility. I have a doc appt tomorrow to see if the blood work came back with anything. Other than, you know, hurting all the time and being exhausted, things are good. Being a WAHM is great and my Etsy store is doing well (check it out yo: http://stonesofhealing2.etsy.com). I'll celebrate turning 28 at the end of this month so I'm looking forward to that. And I'm already planning LO's first birthday which is fun. :)

Brag a little bit!: I swear Ari gets cuter as he gets bigger... I thought he was cute as a newborn of course but the bigger and more smiley he gets, the cuter he is! He has also turned into a complete snuggle bug which I LOVE - I never thought my super active, busy boy would end up a snuggler but he totally is! It's so sweet.

Click to see how cute he is... ;-)

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Apr. 27th, 2010


We need your help!

A few weeks ago we entered Cole into the Parents Magazine cover photo contest. Well today we got the news that he has been chosen as a finalist.  This means we are in the running for a trip to New York City for a photo shoot. This round is determined by the number of votes each picture receives. We would appreciate anyone that is willing to sign in daily and vote for him for! You can only vote once a day and you have to make sure to answer the little question that pops up to make your vote count. Looks like it's some kind of filter to make sure it's really you voting. Thank you anyone that is willing to vote for us!

Apr. 6th, 2010


(no subject)

Sleep... It just doesn't happen here. Please tell me I am not the only one up at least every two hours, most night more. We are co-sleeping and breastfeeding. We also have his crib setup in our room but he will have nothing to do with it. He can be dead to the world asleep and you lay him in the crib and he's awake in at the most ten minutes. Put him in our bed and sometimes I can get two hours out of him. We co-slept with our daughter untilshe was just under two and a half. Then we had room in our bedroom so she had a twin pushed up to ours, that can no longer happen as we have moved. She now sleeps in her own room with my husband. The baby is with me in bed. This just can't continue for so many reasons. It would be nice to actually sleep with my husband. And I just need more sleep. Also now that the baby is on the move I am so afraid he is going to fall off of the bed. Oh and now that he is so mobile I no longer have the chance to sneak out early in the morning and get a shower. This does not make for a happy mommy.

Any helpful advice on getting him to sleep better in the crib? I was wondering if it has something to do the fact that the crib mattress is so hard compared to our bed. I don't mind getting up a couple of times to settle him back to sleep but this is getting really hard now. With moving him to the crib I was thinking about trying to night wean him also. My daughter never could put herself to sleep because she nursed to sleep for two years and this made it so hard on me. I could never be out when she needed to sleep. I have a few things this coming summer that I have to be away from him at bedtime for and I would like for him to be sleeping on his own so I can enjoy myself at these events. One being my ten year high school reunion and the other my sister in laws wedding wear children are not invited.

Mar. 28th, 2010



7 months

Chloe is seven months now.
Still not sitting up. But instead of rolling to objects she wants, she is starting to army crawl/scoot to them. So i assume that means progress is being made and that she will be crawling sometime soon!
She has extremely good leg strength. She loves standing and she can stand up by herself when holding onto the couch/a table.
Chloe has been babbling "babababa" for the past month or so, but just a couple days ago she said 'dada'. After she said it twice she didnt say it anymore, but just recently she has dropped bababa completely and is babbling dada now. It's too cute.
She does very well with solids, we give her yogurt in the morning, a fruit & vegetable in the afternoon, and cereal at night. We have also recently started giving her puffs & cherios and she does great with them. She has mastered the pincer grasp and has great hand eye coordination.

Picture heavy, but EXTREMELY cute! 

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Mar. 23rd, 2010

[Logan] Cute face


(no subject)

Just to start off I haven't posted on here in so long. I feel bad but so much has been going on.

Logan Jude will be 7 months on the 29th.

He just recently started sitting for periods at a time and is in the early stages of tripoding. He babbles like a pro, bababababa & dadadadada. He just started getting up on his knees and rocking on them. He does better on a bed or soft surface than on the floor. He blows raspberries allll the time. He has oatmeal every morning for breakfast and he loves it. As of his 6 month check up he was 17lbs 4 oz. and 28 inches, 50th percentile in weight and 90th percentile in height. In general he is such a happy baby. Still no teeth.

As far as me, about a month ago I left his father and moved back in with my parents. I don't really feel like going into it but his father and I are still on good terms and good friends it juts wasn't working out living together or being in a relationship together. Which I went from the pot to the kettle...because living with him is just as bad as living in the same house as my father just in different perspectives. Logan seems to be taking it okay...he still sees his dad alot. I, on the other hand am struggling being a single parent. His father did help me out a lot with him and it's so hard. My hormones are all out of whack, I skipped my period last month and I have a Doctors appointment tomorrow for stomach pain that I've been having that has been making me throw up and I actually went to the e.r. for it in Nov. and they saw nothing and as time goes by it seems to come more often and worse.

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Mar. 24th, 2010


Bored Baby

I think I've either reached the stage of needing to invest in new toys, or needing to spend the rest of my life having field trips.

Wee man is bored. He's also teething - we have all four middle teeth through now, and working on the sides. The only thing that keeps him out of trouble is taking him out shopping or to the library where he can look around at things. He does this at least once a day and is silent and takes it all in, no matter how long we're out for he's not going to complain (won't fall asleep in his pram, though).

I have a terrible feeling the correct answer is 'take him for walks and get some exercise', but in the hopes of keeping some semblance of a couch potato lifestyle, are there any toys or activities you would suggest for keeping him entertained at home? What works for you?

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Mar. 23rd, 2010


(no subject)

Baby’s name and age: Ari Preston, 8.5 months (7.5 months adjusted)

How is your baby doing? (milestones, routine, dr's visits, accomplishments):
He's rolling all over the living room and sitting up beautifully. He is working on crawling, he can get up on all fours but that is all so far. He's around 21lbs and 27 inches long - so he has almost quadrupled his birthweight (5lb7oz)! From the beginning everyone has always commented on how alert he is, and he is a very busy and active baby too... I will have my hands full as soon as he is mobile. He is extremely determined and willful - I'm sure he gets it from his dad. :p He is already throwing little tantrums, if you put something away before he was done for example - yeah, the toddler years should be interesting with this one. ;) Let's just say I am becoming the queen of distraction. He LOVES cups, bottles, anything you can drink out of, but he goes especially nuts over coffee mugs and wine glasses. :p He is teething, he got his first tooth right when he turned 8 months and is working on the second one. He is a happy camper during the day but the teething really affects his (and therefore our) sleep. His minor medical issues have cleared up - he had an umbilical hernia for a couple months which healed a couple months ago, and he had plugged tear ducts which seem to have healed completely within the past six weeks. His reflux is much better also. His sleep has sucked since around 6 months old - months 2-6 were great, then we hit a sleep regression... but it is finally starting to get better this past week. He also got over hating the car a month or two ago which is such a relief. He is loving solid food - we didn't start until he was 7 months, but he adores feeding himself and letting me feed him yogurt etc and always wants to eat when me and his dad are eating. His favorite is sweet potatoes, although he really likes frozen bananas when his teeth are hurting!

How are you doing?: Pretty well! Still steadily losing weight (thank you breastfeeding) even though I eat too many sweets. ;) I went from being a SAHM to a WAHM - check out my business, I make nursing necklaces and other jewelry: http://stonesofhealing2.etsy.com . :-) Still don't have much as far as libido, but hopefully that will improve some if I can start getting more sleep.

Brag a little bit!: My little boy is so cute and funny and laughs all day long... and his eyes are so pretty, they didn't change much from their baby grey although in some lights they look greenish grey. :) I am surprised, since I am half hispanic and have dark brown eyes, I didn't expect to have a little grey/hazel eyed babe!

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