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cherokee - b&w

iam_cherokee in augustbabies09

hi again!

you probably don't remember ne but i was in this community like, the whole time i was pregnant.
i was due August 19th with a little girl and my LJ was crazee_amy.
i got a new one and decided to try and start over again.
she decided to come naturally on August 24th after 6 hours of natural labor :)

well, Morgan turned 10 months yesterday and is progressing very well.
she's crawling like speed demon, can walk with the help of mommy/daddy and/or furniture and it's trying to stand on her own.
she's not really talking yet, just babbles and dadadadada..
she's about 18lbs and 27in long, shes a tiny thing.

and now, picture time!

newborn morgan!

more recent.


thank you!